Monday, April 6, 2009

Stan Krzyzanowski and Carolyn Tripp

April 3 - April 18, 2009

The works of Stan Krzyzanowski and Carolyn Tripp
added a woodland-lodge feel to this city home.

The faux fire fails to warm.
The wooden gun suggests a toy while it casts a sobering shadow of death.

Crickets are chirping. Pine cones are in abundance.
In the kitchen, Yellow jackets feast on a Cicada.
Bananas are captured on their way to decay.
The moments of walking are organized in a grid.
Alas, the table in is plentiful with the delights of flip-books

Stan Krzyzanowski

Watch these 12 crickets in action - it will transport you outside
An electronic mother cricket responds to movement with a warning of danger for her electronic cricket children to be silent (red lights flashing). When it seems that the danger has passed, the crickets begin to chirp. After a while, the crickets go to sleep, and remain asleep until the next sign of movement and danger. The sleep mode was included to prevent the gallery sitter from going crazy. Each cricket is programmed to have a varying and unique chirp. Communication between crickets is by Infrared emitters and receivers.

The banana's go from unripe to brown over a few days, captured and illustrated here. Such illustration of time passing caused me to ponder where I might be in my sequence, on my way to decay.

These flip books are "accessible" at this link.

"Walking Home"
"These are all images taken as I looked down at my feet while walking home from work one night. "

Carolyn Tripp
Continuing her 8bit sculpture series Tripp draws from 1980’s video game images.
Her 3D renderings are 'pixelated' while occupying the space far beyond the screen.
An 8bit wooden gun hangs over the pixilated wooden fire. Such "hazards" find their force in the psychic space of our pasts while offering a present day toy.