Thursday, April 26, 2012

Linda Duvall and Heidi Schaefer

As Is: With Love
May 5 – 27, 2012

Join us for the Opening Reception
Saturday  May 5,  2 – 4PM
A variety of sweet delicacies from Manchester and Saskatoon will be served.
Linda Duvall and Heidi Schaefer are both commuters – Linda between Saskatoon & Toronto and Heidi between Toronto & Manchester.  Both places welcome, nurture and inspire them.  Yet, there is also sadness about the place that each leaves behind.  With this project, Duvall conspires to bring together the bucolic setting of her farmhouse in rural Saskatchewan into the streetscape.  Schaefer will start with a favourite place name common to both for her reveries.

Heidi Schaefer's Manchester reveries insitu on Rusholme

The early 80s
My first visit to Manchester
A curry in Rusholme at the Sanaam

I move to Manchester

Some things I know about Rusholme
People have lived in Rusholme continuously since the 14th century
Friedrich Engels once lived on the edge of Rusholme
It has the largest concentration of Asian restaurants in the UK
It is known as ‘the curry mile’
Before the curry mile there was a film studio
The busiest bus route in Europe, with buses every 60 to 90 seconds, goes through it
Moving closer in time and space

The early 2000s
I visit Toronto and stay in the block next to Rusholme Road
I fall in love with my host
The rest is 
As Is: With Love…….. and Rusholme